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    421 Third Avenue, New York, NY 10016

    100+ Years of History

    New York City's oldest hardware store, Simon’s is a treasure trove of decorative and architectural hardware as well as kitchen and bath. A one-stop-shop for Contractors, Architects, Designers and Homeowners, Simon’s has been supplying elegance to New Yorkers since 1908.

    Harry Stuchiner took over from his father, whom the business is named after, just as Harry would pass it on to subsequent generations of his family.  In its early days, Simon’s was a home furnishings store. It later became a janitor’s supply house and during World War II, sold mill supplies. Following the war, Harry saw the potential in decorative hardware as European craftsmen incorporated antique and other styles into custom made furnishings.

    Still in its original location, the business grew tremendously in the late 1970’s due to increased awareness among decorators, architects, woodworkers and consumers of the importance of the fine finishing touch that handsome hardware contributes to design. In the 1980’s bathroom and kitchen offering were integrated. Simon’s has also expanded its geographic footprint with a second location in the Hamptons and a third location in SoHo.



    If they don’t have it here, they probably don’t make it.
    — Zagat

    We have worked with Simon’s Hardware on various projects and their quality never lets us down! They have an abundant selection of products of all different styles and functions and their customer service team is a pleasure to work with. We look forward to continue sourcing from them for our future projects.
    — Atelier A.

    An incredible selection of mortise locks and hardware, Simon’s is the kind of place that make me wish I could buy a dozen fixer-uppers. The employees were efficient and courteous, something I appreciate after having visited too many big-box hardware stores.
    — Bruno

    The best hardware store in New York and Mr. Daniel Poche is knowledgeable about products. I will be coming back.
    — Sonia M.

    Somehow in the process of negotiating with our contractor it became our responsibility to buy all the door hardware. I found the showroom to be a bit overwhelming, but sales person listened to my wants and needs and narrowed things down nicely. I was very satisfied with my experience. When there was a hiccup in the order said salesperson was not as helpful, however, management stepped in and made the whole thing right. In the end, I received the service I would expect from a company like this. Yes, I could have gotten the same product online but not the personalized attention not someone standing behind the order.
    — Debi M.

    Contact us for a full list of vendors.

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